Pump Repair in Casper, WY & Billings, MT

Get Your Pump Fixed Fast

Rely on us for pump repair services in Billings, MT and Casper, WY

Don't let a damaged pump bring your business to a screeching halt. When you need pump repair services, call on the experts at Russell Industries. We've been repairing pumps since 1972, and we can get your system up and running again in no time.

We carry a wide selection of pump parts and can replace your damaged equipment with ease. Contact us today to schedule a pump system repair in Casper, WY or Billings, MT.

Depend on the pump repair experts

When you need pump repair services, make sure you hire a company with the proper skills and experience. At Russell Industries, we’re known for our:

  • Affordable rates: We work hard to keep our costs low.
  • High-end equipment: Our trucks are fully tooled and equipped with cranes.
  • Experienced staff: Our skilled technicians can repair your equipment right away.

Call 307-265-9566 today to arrange for pump system repair services.

What Our Field Services Offer

  • Complete and Full Inspection of Pump Station
  • Submersible, Centrifugal, Vertical Turbine Pump Services
  • Motor Testing
  • Pump Performance Testing
  • Wear Plate Inspection and Adjustment
  • Electrical Panel Operation
  • Hydraulic Trouble Shooting
  • Impeller Inspection
  • Site Cleaned and Sanitized
  • Wire and Cable Inspection
  • Full Part Replacement
  • Service Report Provided