Water Systems/Residential

Russell Industries provides a full line of water systems products from top-of-the-line manufacturers to meet your specific and unique needs. We also provide an extensive selection of needed accessories for complete installation. Our accessories include brass and PVC fittings.

Our products include

• 4" submersibles and motors • VFD and on/off controllers • Pressure tanks • Jet, lawn irrigation and solar pumps

We also carry pumps for

• Domestic use • Solids handling sewage • Grinder uses • Effluent • Sump pumping

Contact us today and our highly experienced staff will ensure your pump is properly sized. We love to problem solve and enjoy creating solutions for unique applications.

We serve Wyoming, Montana, western Nebraska and western South Dakota.

Sta-Rite, Myers, Maas Midwest, Merrill, Grundfos, McDonald, SJE Rhombus, Robert Manufacturing